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Envelope#10 | 70lb Premium Opaque Uncoated | High quality CMYK | No Window (Window available for an additional charge) | Moisten-to-seal (Lick-Seal)    

Envelopes are essential for business correspondence. Printed envelopes help you and your business look professional. Featuring your business’ logo, envelopes give your office stationery a polished touch. Custom designed envelopes allow you to keep in touch with your clients and help you build trust. Professionally branded envelopes reassure customers they’ll know exactly who is contacting them.Sweet Print Envelopes come in a variety of popular sizes and can be used for a wide range of applications.

Finishing Options:

  • We offer small size envelopes 9.5”x4.13” and large 9”x12”.
  • The Envelopes is available on 70lb Premium Opaque Uncoated Text
  • Available with or without window (i.e. window is where the address can be seen)
  • Full color or Black or one color.
  • Moisten-to-seal (Lick-Seal) or Self adhisive (Self-Adhesive flap that comes with peel-off paper strip. Remove and press to seal)
  • Quantities Ranges from 100


Design Options:

  • Use our unique pre-made Templates
  • Upload Your Own Design
  • Order Your Custom Design

 (Ask our in-house professionals to design your custom design)

 Shipping Options:

  •  We offer nationwide shipping (additional charge)
  • Pick-up option available 

Envelope Template

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