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Open House

How to Boost Traffic to Your Listing with the Right Signage

Open house signs are perfect for driving traffic to homes for sale, apartments for rent and even for retail business tours. They’re a great supplement to digital and traditional campaigns to help get potential home-buyers and event attendees excited about your open house! They’re also highly effective at helping your guests navigate to your event, so you can spend less time texting or emailing back and forth and more time focusing on making the sale.
The goal of any open house sign is to convince people to come inside and walk through the house. If people driving by can’t see your sign or can’t read your sign quickly enough, then their chances of stopping, parking and coming in for a chat are slim.
Open house signs should be placed as prominently as possible on your listing. In front of a mailbox, at the edge of a driveway, or at the edge of the lawn are all great places to put your open house signs.
To make sure they are visible from the street, after placing your signs try driving down the block at a speed people would normally drive them to see if they catch your eye. If they don’t, you need to find a new place to put them or use a taller sign and/or balloons.

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